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Surf Gran Canaria | Surf Safari | Care of Surfboards

Jan 13 2014

Surfing Gran Canaria: How to take well care of your surfboard while you are on holiday on Canary Islands

Taking care of a surfboard should be one of the top priorities on any surf safari (surfari. Here are some basic tips to keep your surfboard in tip-top condition for your next time surfing Gran Canaria

It is very easy to fell in love with surfing during your holidays on Canary Islands. You went surfing the coasts of Gran Canaria, participated in a Surf camp or you already did some guided surf safaris?  You even stood the test being a Grommet/Hodad? Then now it’s time to go one step further. Away from heavy, bulky rental softboards…buying your own surfboard.1

After carefully :-)   reading our surfboard compendium, you know which board to choose and you´re now a proud surfboard owner. When going on Surf Safaris, surf Gran Canaria with your own board you now have to take well care of it.

In order to prepare yourself for your next holiday on Canary Islands, we give you some advises how to treat your new friend to have it around for as long as possible. The same also applies when it comes to your own wetsuits :-)

Contrary to surf Gran Canaria with a plastic material board, when doing a surf safari with a Polyester and Epoxy board, you´re dealing with a very sensitive and fragile material, that deserves special attention.


Dings are damages on your board because of any kind of violence, letting water leaking into the inner foam core of2 your board and will cause yellowing, delamination, and worst of all, extra weight which is the worst contributor to lower board performance. It’s said that nearly 50% of all dings, occur on your way to your surf safari, carrying it from one place to the other. In order to stay away from getting this ugly damages when surf Gran Canaria, you should keep some things in mind:

  • First note and basic rule #1: treat you Surfboard like a Baby: Be a Protective Parent
  • Avoid putting your surfboard in standing position against a wall- fall down causes major damage
  • Don´t hit or crash your board against any sharp and hard objects (walls, cars, rocks..)
  • Use a board bag at all times you´re not in the water
  • Back from your holiday Canary island, built a rack to secure your boards or installing some L-brackets in order to hang it

In case it was inevitable, repair any damage in your board as soon as possible. Even minor dings can cause serious problems if left untreated. Damages can destroy your surf safari and your whole holiday on Canary island- so better watch out.


You will get plenty of sun when surfing Gran Canaria. Your skin will love it but to your board, sun and heat is its public enemy #1. For sure you can´t keep it away from sun when making holiday on Canary island, however, lets you say that too much direct sun and saltwater will cause delamination of your board.

  • Don’t leave your board lying on the beach for a long time
  • Never leave it in a hot barbecue car
  • Finishing your surf safari,  store it safely in a cool, shady spot


  • After surf Gran Canaria, wash off salt water
  • Keep your surfboard clean and dry when ending your surf safari
  • Don’t ride right into shore, there are fins to consider!!
  • Before and after your holiday Canary island, remove the board wax to check for damages
  • Use a railsaver to protect the surfboards rails from the pressure of the waves

You don’t want end up as a Baller?  Then take well care of your beloved possession, your surfboard will thank you.

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