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Las palmas gran canaria | Canary islands Surf School | Don’t Be a Kook- Part 1

Feb 4 2014

You want to skip the step of being a “Kook”? In this two-part edition, canary islands surf school will teach you the basic rules of surfing. How to avoid beginner’s errors, what a surfer should definitely do and what you better let alone

On a summer day in las palmas gran canaria it seems like everyone has gone surfing. Maybe also you decided to join a Surfcamp Europe this year or take part in Canary islands Surf School. However, before you head out into the water of las palmas gran canaria, making a complete goon of yourself, it’s really important that you learn and understand the surfing basics. The following do’s and don’ts explain the main points of surfing etiquette, give advices for practical and social situations,  designed to keep everyone in the water safe and happy

Surfing is by far the most fashionable activity of the summer. This trend has given rise to many people who seem to have an intimate knowledge of surf—except, of course, riding on a surfboard. Surfcamps Europa are booming, consequently beaches and line-ups are crowded.  Through all the hype over the surf culture, one critical point has been completely overlooked: the importance of not being a kook.


Kook, noun. Pronunciation: \□kük\ Surfer term, generally applied to rank beginners with no understanding of the social and sartorial norms of surfing. In the water, a kook’s cluelessness can aggravate or endanger other surfers by breaking surfer’s unwritten code of conduct. On occasion, kooks can be recognized solely by the faux pas they commit on the ocean in dressing or acting in a wrong way.

We, in Canary islands Surf School know that nobody wants to be a kook. To save you the embarrassment—and to save other surfers in las palmas gran canaria—discover the telltale signs of a kook and learn how to avoid them.

So here you go with Part 1- what a real surfer does and how they distinguish themselves from the kooks :-)

PART 1- Surfers DO´s



You can be very sure to find possibilities to learn to surf near any surf spots in the world.  For the first time in the water, many people choose Surf camp Europa. Canary islands Surf school, located in las palmas gran canaria not just offers you great surf conditions year round, but also features perfect weather conditions.

By joining a profession school from the beginning, you straight learn to avoid the most common kook- distinctive marks. Don’t hesitate, book your last minute holiday with us.


Once you know the basics from your time in Surf camp Europe, it’s time for practice.  Surfing has a really steep learning curve so if you want to improve, surf las palmas gran canaria as regularly as possible. The best thing you can do to transcend kookiness is to get as comfortable in the water as you can. And as a pleasant side effect, you will very quickly learn the most common terms of the Surfinglingo.



If you go on surftrips alone in las palmas gran canaria, you should always surf in

areas as designated by the lifeguard’s flags. They are here to make sure that the beach is a safe, fun and enjoyable place for all. Once you´re surfing apart from Canary island Surf School lessons, with no instructor at the beach, it’s easy to get lost with the strong current. Take note of where you should be surfing before you go out, and make sure you stick to this bench mark.

Above that, make sure that the surf is safe before you go in. It might look calm but rips and currents can be dangerous on every beach. You can look up the conditions all from all Surf Camp Europa spots online. If you´re surfing at a spot you are unfamiliar with it, is a good idea to get some advice from a locals surfer, surf shops or life guards.


Even though, there is no surf instructor from Canary island Surf School, that is chasing you around, you should be aware of the importance of doing a quick warm-up and stretch before entering the surf. Exercises will heavily reduce the chance of muscle injuries, torn ligaments and cramps. Above that, it also gives you time to check the ocean of las palmas gran canaria for any rips, currents or best spot to catch a wave.


Always surf with at least one other person. In Canary island Surf School or any other Surf camp Europe you will always find someone, happily joining you on your tour. Not only will you have more fun if you are sharing your waves and are pushed by each other, but more important you always have someone to help you out if you need it.


Popular beaches, like the one you will surf during your time in Canary Island Surf School, las palmas gran canaria, tend to be inhabited by more surfers then only you. More people in the water equals more potential danger for injuries caused by collisions. More care and attention are especially required when you begin to spend more time beyond the white water.

You have to deal with much more participants, not just making sure not to hit somebody but also so avoid being injured by someone else. Always keep a good distance away from other surfers or water participants.

If you find yourself caught inside the breaking of a wave, head towards the white water, away from the clean face of the wave where the surfer is heading. Paddle towards the break if someone is surfing towards you.

Never trust that the person from Surf Camp Europe sees you and that he´s going to avoid you. Just remember that they are probably going to run you over if you do not watch where you are going.


The most important role in the water is the Right of waves. Generally, the surfer already riding a wave—or the one closest to the peak of the wave—has priority. If you see someone already on a wave or someone in a better position paddling for it, you’ll have to wait for the next one. No worries, we have plenty of them at the spots of las palmas gran canaria :-)  

Don’t try to catch every single wave, especially if you see the best (or scariest-looking) surfers going for the same ones. If you ever make a mistake, drop in on someone or break the surfing etiquette rules in any other way, just apologize.


This is a very important one, especially because surfers (beginners) tend to overestimate themselves. If the waves in las palmas gran canaria are big and you’re not ready for it, you’ll put yourself and other people in danger. Over confidence is not smart at sea, so be honest about your surfing ability. You should respect the sea as being a dangerous environment, otherwise you will learn your lesson quickly and this can really, really hurt. Joining Canary island Surf School you will learn what you can and can’t handle.


“Fear causes hesitation and hesitation causes the worst fear to come true”. Nowhere this phrase is more applicable then in the world of surfing. Therefore, our instructions in Canary island Surf School and other Surf Camp Europe will always advise you:  “Be deliberate with your actions, and if you’re going to paddle out, just paddle and keep paddling”.

In other words, whether you think you are capable and try to catch the wave or you just get out of the way. Be confident with your choices and try to be as concentrated as possible. Once you’ve committed to a wave, stay committed.



Making fascinating wipe-outs is part of your learning process in Surf Camp Europe that cannot be bypassed. However, there is actually a way to properly fall to help decrease the chances getting Dings, broken boards and injuries.

First important thing when you’re about to wipe out is to get rid of your board. You are far more likely to sustain an injury if you and your board are being washed around together. Try to jump of the back of the board behind the wives, preferred with the butt first.

Once you have surfaced, protect yourself from being hit the board by using your arms to cover your head, grab onto your leash and pull your board back in. Sounds complicated? I promise you’ll have plenty of other chances to practice during your time in the water of las palmas gran canaria :-)


Remember that no matter with water territory you´re entering in your Surf camp Europe, you are a guest and should act like one. Locals aren’t always happy to see interlopers at their favorite breaks—and nobody’s ever happy to be disrespected. So make sure to respect the locals at the beaches of las palmas gran canaria. Surfers who respect others can usually expect to be treated the same, leading to more pleasurable surfing for all.

Above that, do not litter or vandalise the beach or its surroundings. Leave only footprints, take home your bottles, wax bars and banana peel.


Nothing’s kookier than tripping over your leash on your way out to the surf session in las palmas gran canaria . So put the lease (please at your BACK leg) on when you´re right at the water to start your class in Canary Island Surf School- not one minute before.  Never go surfing without a lease, its your life insurance, keep it clean and in a good condition. Never lug your lease through the sand.


Trivial but damn right. Surfing is all about having fun; keep it in mind when you are out in the waves. Now that you know how to avoid looking like an kook, you can have a great time surfing at Surf Camp Europe.

If you keep this list in mind when you surf, you’ll surely enjoy yourself, prevent troubles, and avoid fighting with the locals.

Therefore REMEMBER- Mind your manners and don’t be a kook :-)

Stay salty- Lowcost Surf Camp Las Palmas, Kelly

 –> Check out next edition “Part 2-Surfer´s Don’ts”

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