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Snorkeling at Playa de Las Canteras

Nov 7 2013

Holidays on Gran Canaria and the diversity of Playa de Las Canteras

Snorkeling- Switching from the surface to the ground- Surfers alternatives on the multifaceted Beach of Las Canteras


Playa de Las Canteras is known to be one the loveliest city beaches in Europe. With its fine 3km stretch of yellow, sandy beach it lies just a few hundred meters west of the city center of Las Palmas. It´s not just perfectly located, it is also superb for swimming, strolling and thanks to the great surf breaks it offers excellent conditions for a day surfing the waves. And as if this wasn’t enough, Playa de Las Canteras is also famous for its variety of marine life which makes it a great place for snorkeling.

People from all over Europe escape from the cold and come down to spendtheir holidays on Gran Canaria to take advantage of the best wind, waves and water temperature to go surfing.  But now and then, especially beginners are getting overextended by the crashing waves and unstoppable strength of the blue Atlantic. Sometimes you just wish you could press a button to hold on the approaching waves to stop the feeling being on spin drying of a wasching maschine. And here comes snorkeling into play.

Why don’t explore the seabed of the island for a day? Relish calm water and barely swell just in the middle of the city. Best Place to go snorkeling at Playa de Las Canteras just next to the Surf Camp accommodation, it the beach sector Playa chica y Playa grande. Thanks to the 1500m stretched chalk reef of La Barra, parallel to the Beach, this place is protected from the open sea and approaching waves which makes it a true paradise for snorkeling lovers. It´s volcanic origin is the key for the rich and unique diversity in species living in it. As far as life underwater goes, you can spot around 350 species of fish and 600 different kinds of algae.

Holidays on Gran Canaria is definitely the choice to indulge into a sea and beach experience where you can choose from a huge variety of opportunities. Playa de Las Canteras has it all !!



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