Nov 28 2013

Humorous and curious things from the world of Surfing

Surfing is Fun – check out our list of 20 humorous and curios facts about surfing

Surfing is one of the most popular water sports around the world. Our surfing students in surfcamp-lowcost often say that it is an amazing adrenaline rush – once they stand up and get the wave, they can’t help but smile. We all agree: SURFING IS FUN !!

To even keep you amused once you’re not in the 1water, Surf Camp Las Palmas listed 20 funny and curious facts about surfing:

  1. The actress Cameron Diaz broke her nose four times while surfing
  2. Patrick Swayze broke four ribs during the shooting for the movie „Point Break“ dating back to 1991
  3. A surfing competition for dogs is held every year at Coronado Bay Resort in California
  4. The Australian female dog “Abbie Girl“ holds the record for the longest dog-ridden-wave: 107,2 Meter
  5. The longest natural ride ever done on a wave was 37 Minutes with a distance of 12,5km
  6. The record for the longest surf ride is 3hr 55min, set by Panamanian surfer Gary Saavedra in 2011, riding an artificial wave created by power boat
  7. The biggest wave recorded was 530 meters in Lituya bay, southern coast of Alaska
  8. In 2009 – 110 surfers lined up on the same ocean wave in Cape Town, South Africa, to set a new world record for the most boarders riding a single wave
  9. According to a American Surfmagazin, 66 % of all surfers think about sharks while they are riding a wave
  10. Kelly Slater is the highest paid surfer. He brought in three million dollar as the ninth time world champion surfer in 2009
  11. Kelly Slater once said:  Surfing is like the mafia. Once you’re in – your in. There’s no getting out”
  12. The first university to offer a degree in surfing is the University of Plymouth. There has been a degree course in Surf Science and Technology at Plymouth University since 1999
  13. June 20 marks International Surfing Day (ISD for the uninitiated)
  14. Australian researchers invented revolutionary colorful wetsuits which supposed to protect surfers from shark attacks
  15. The first recorded use of ‘surfing’ as a mode of using the internet was in 1992
  16. Surf detergent was introduced by Unilever in 1959. It became so popular in some parts of the world that ‘surf’ is the word for detergent in Urdu
  17. Surfing created the sport of skateboarding. It is said that surfers who couldn’t surf created boards with wheels in order to practice surfing in empty pools.
  18. The first Surfboards were simple wooden boards that were heavy, fin-less and very hard to control
  19. Booger and Sponger – It’s another word for a body boarder
  20. A Neptune Cocktail specifics an unintended gulp of seawater a surfer drinks as a result of a wipeout (for more expressions click here)


Keep on having fun !!!

Surf Camp Las Palmas, Kelly