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Canary island surf camp | Surfspot Gran Canaria | Surfing & Sharks

Dec 17 2013

Canary island surf camp: judge the risk of meeting a shark at a Surfspot Gran Canaria

You are planning to go to a surf school Europe or even to a Surfspot in Gran Canaria and you´re afraid of sharks? Then read this article and get some Surfscience where sharks attack and were you can feel save while riding the waves.

After a wonderful day in Canary island surf camp you´re heading to one of the great Surfspots, Gran Canaria has to offer to do some late-night sunset-surfing. It gets darker. No one is around you. Just you, the surfboard and the tu22rbulent sea. You seem to be alone. There´s no life guard that will save you. Somehow, you start to feel queasy. Then it comes to your mind: Am I really alone here? Maybe there is a shark, a few feet away from me. A Big shark. A killing shark. Just waiting for me to dip my toes in?

Which is here illustrated slight exaggerated, is a typical chain of thought that every surfer sooner or later has to deal with. No matter if you’re in a canary island surf camp, riding waves on your own at a Gran Canaria surfspots or take part in any surf school in Europe- encountering a shark, is one of the most terrifying experiences any surfer can thinking about.  In fact, according to an American Surfmagazine, 66 % of all surfers think about sharks while they are riding a wave.

We have taken this as an opportunity in this blog to look at the actual likelihood of encountering a shark during your time on a Surfspots Gran Canaria in Canary island surf camp.

First, let´s take a lot at the dirty shark killing facts worldwide. If you decide to visit a surf school outside of Europe then you have the largest chance in meeting such a ocean moster at Surfspots in Australia and the United States. The most unprovoked attacks in the United States and over half of all of the world’s shark attack takes place on the beaches of Florida.  The chances of getting attacked by a shark here are 1 in 430,000 with makes it become sharkspot number one. But generally there are sharks, both dangerous and docile, just about everywhere in the ocean, including in the coldest Arctic and Antarctic waters but most of them in the Atlantic Ocean. According to a study in 2011, there are approximately 400 species of sharks in the world’s oceans.

But now…what’s about Surfspots Gran Canaria and my time in Canary island surf camp?  Do I have to worry about sharks when I paddle out? The answer is YES and NO.

In the waters of the Canaries, you can find different species of sharks throughout the year, especially in spring and summer due to the increased water temperature. Of the more than 400 species of sharks that exist, here in the Canary Island waters there are around 50 species you theoretically COULD encounter during your time in Canary island surf camp.  The most frequent species are the ray sharks, bull sharks, mako sharks and hammer head sharks. Although it is not common to see them near the beach, they can be found near the coast. They live far from land in the open ocean and if they get close to the coast this happens unintended. Attacts remain an absolute exception so you should feel quiet safe in your Canary island surf camp, especially at all Surfspots Gran Canaria.

It’s common knowledge that the occurrence is so rare and that you may should worry more about other dangers associated with surfing like driving to the a Surfspot Gran Canaria, being hit with someone else’s board in your Canary island surf camp or getting crushed by a massive wave. This might is a far greater threat to surfers than sharks. Still, as frequenters of the ocean and its marine habitat, surfers must acknowledge and come to terms with the fact that we’re sharing the water with a wide range of species, a few of which are potentially life-threatening.

Together with the students of the Surf camp Las Palmas we went to the Surf Film Festival of Canary islands and saw the really recommendable  movie about sharks and surf , called surfing and sharks. 

Surfcamp-lowcost, Kelly