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Gran Canaria surf school | canary island surf | How to take care of your Wetsuit

Dec 4 2013

Gran Canaria Surf School teaches you: Take care of your wetsuit while you are traveling aon canary island to surf

When you spent time on the canary island, you will definitely take part in a Gran Canarian surf school. One of the most important and most sensitive equipment you have to deal with, is your wetsuit. This superhero neoprene costume need a special treatment for your time surfing gran Canaria.

Surfing gran Canaria – Yes, surfing in boardshorts is undeniably a cool thing and most of the time the weather here on the canary island makes it possible to leave your wetsuit at home. BUT  a superhero costume made out of neoprene gives a wide range of advantages: It provides ample protection against cooling and high intensity of sunlight, shield you from painful chafing points and other natural factor and along the way, it’s a perfect floater. Also works as a protection from your own or others fins and eventual contact with rocks.2

Although you will get a wetsuit in your Gran Canaria surf school, the time will come when you decide to have your OWN personal superhero costume. Normally good wetsuits are annoyingly expensive but worth every cent. We take this as occasion to give you some tips on how to minimize the wear and tear on your wetsuit and ensure that you’ll get many seasons surfing gran Canarias coasts in your second skin. Here you have some crucial wetsuit care advices.

  • When your Surf lesson is done, slow down when taking your suit off. Don’t tug or stretch the material too hard. Don’t stand on one leg of your suit while trying to yank your foot out of the other.
  • Rinse your suit with freshwater each and every time you use it. Next to the Surf school, with is directly located at the beach, you will find showers.  Salt will destroy your suit very fast, by rinsing, its flexibility and insulation is kept and off odours are reduces.
  • Once you are at home, turn the suit inside out to wash it from there as well. Don’t use hot water. Hot Water Reduces Neoprene Flexibility so don´t boil it.
  • Hang up your wetsuit properly. Not draped over your car’s side mirror nor slung over your balcony or your neck or shoulders- use a plastic hanger and hang it in the shower or the garage. Perfect would be a special special wetsuit hanger. Never use a thin wire hanger. The metal will cause the neoprene to degrade.
  • Dry your wetsuit inside out. The outer surface will be protected and the inside will dry first to make putting the suit back on much easier. In order to have it dried from all sides,  once the outward part is dry, flip it inside out again to dry the other side.
  • You also should wash your suit occasionally using wetsuit shampoo or baby shampoo. Soak your wetsuit in clean, warm or cool water for about 15 minutes, ad a few capfuls of the cleaner and knead it into the neoprene. For bad small you can buy products like Mirazyme, specially made to flatten odors from bacteria and mildew in wetsuits
  • Avoid any contact with oil, gasoline, aerosols, or chemical solvents
  • A wetsuit doesn’t like to get banded, folded or wrunged. Material can breake and water can enter so if you pack it in the suitcase, it’s better to roll it then to fold
1The harsh environments like salt water and chlorine doesn’t spare the great canary islands. All circumstances during your time surfing gran canarias waves will take a toll on your suit and leave you with a delicate, stinky product. In order to spread the expectancy of life of your wetty, be conscientious about its cleaning and being cautious how their suit is stored.
Have fun while surfing the canary islandSurfcamp – Lowcost, Kelly
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